Hiring Talent

Hiring Talent

Hiring talent

All our consultants have very BIG ears - why?

The two ears and one mouth mantra is usually wise. But it is essential in our business which is winkling out the best candidates for companies like yours who want the best local talent fit for a global marketplace.

They spend 75% of their time listening, to get to know your business needs. Understanding your objectives, your culture, the skills and attributes needed to succeed in your organisation is key to success in finding your top talent. But that’s not all…

We listen to candidates too – we do not shunt CVs around – while we search for diverse talent, we only introduce people who meet your criteria and who like the sound of your role. Once we really understand your needs and environment we can go one better. We can proactively identify people with the potential for your future needs, making the whole process much faster and saving you the huge business cost of an empty chair.

While we have our specialist areas of expertise, we are open to the weird and wonderful most difficult to fill positions and we persist in the search until the job is done and you have the right talent in place.

Apart from big ears, what other attributes do we have that guarantees results for you? REC qualified consultants, and best practices, strong processes and quality system, and specialist knowledge and expertise to share with you and an active pool of candidates. There’s more but let’s not mire you in detail – let’s just get started!.

Why not give us a call on 020 7256 6668 to experience this approach.


We can meet almost any recruitment challenge, but in our 40 years of experience we've built up special strengths in these areas:


Our credentials, our team, and our guarantees

We know your time is precious and if we had to choose just one reason why you should use us, that would be it – time.  We can save you shedloads.   
How do we do that? To be brief, it’s our attention to detail throughout our attentiveness to your briefing, our candidate database, our processes, our shared expertise in the team, and our eye for a great match.
You get a crop of talented, carefully-vetted candidates who go straight to your shortlist, not a batch of half-vetted possibles. The proof is in the results.

78% of CVs sent to clients result in an interview
42% of interviews result in an offer
95% record of filling positions that are left with us exclusively

For a quick, friendly run-down of what we can do and how we do it, why simply call us on 020 7256 6668

Try these statistics…
  • 78% of Love & Tate CVs sent to clients result in an interview.
  • We have a near 100% record of filling positions that we have been asked exclusively to fill.
There are plenty of other reasons to give us a look. Or for a quick, friendly run-down of what we can do and how we do it, why not skip all that and simply call us on…
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Benefit from specialists to help you now – short or long term

An economic, immediate solution to a business-critical problem. Temporary or fixed-term support will cover situations like:

Planned maternity, paternity, long term sick leave or holidays. Seasonal peaks.

Unplanned cover for resignations, we-need-it-now emergencies or unexpected new business!

Project work at any level – specialist skills planned for a fixed-term to make change happen.


You do ‘Business as usual while we fill your empty chairs with top talent, hassle-free

When you’re looking for a new permanent recruit, the outcome you want is pretty simple – to hire the best person for the rewards you can offer. 

So why is it sometimes so frustrating and time-consuming? Because it takes dedicated time, specialist skills and up-to-the-minute market knowledge. Otherwise known as Love & Tate.

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Our mission

When it's 'over to you' there are a few things you should know.

At Love & Tate we do everything we can to make the recruitment process painless and productive, both for our clients and for candidates. But at a certain point, of course, it’s over to you. 

Most of you certainly don’t need or want, us to tell you how to suck eggs but in case you’re new to all this, or just haven’t done it in a while, we’ve prepared a few tips to help make your recruiting pain free.

Seasoned professionals, you will know all this but for those who are new to recruiting or haven't done it for a while, check out these simple interviewing tips.

This quick guide to getting your temp off to a flying start might be helpful if you are up to your eyes or if you need to delegate their induction to someone else.

Diversity & Discrimination

With age discrimination legislation you are never too old or too young for the job, so how do you keep age out of the equation and ensure fair play?